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Virtual Networking

Networking is important in keeping up with professional contacts, making new contacts and keeping your skills sharp so that you are marketable.  When working traditionally, networking seems to come easier because you shake hands, exchange business cards, go to meetings and share coffee.  Networking virtually is becoming more common though and is just as powerful.  With LinkedIn, Facebook and so many other network sites out there, sometimes social networking with your past contacts and friends can lead to virtual work.  Don’t be afraid to let people know what you do and that you are looking for virtual work.  You never know where it might lead.  And don’t forget to keep those skills sharp.


Virtual Experience

Just like in the “real world,” experience matters.  Your last job just might lead you to your new job.  The friends you had at work might introduce you to a new lead.  It is the same in the virtual world.  Although it doesn’t seem as tangible sometimes in the virtual world, these experiences happen here too.  You just never know how things will work out – until they do.

A Virtual Girl Friday in a Virtual World…

This is Virtual Girl Friday’s first WordPress blog.  Our company, Virtual Girl Friday, is a result of the growing need for virtual assistants, and the growing need for virtual jobs.  A girl friday is old fashioned term that basically means a competent general assistant to an executive who has a wide variety of duties needed in an office environment.  The only old fashioned part of Virtual Girl Friday is our work ethic and hard work.  We are living in a growing virtual world which has its drawbacks and its perks.  Some of the drawbacks of working virtually is that as an assistant you lose that personal connection to who you are working for, at first.  It takes longer to determine a client’s working style, communication preferences, and general personality.  However, some of the perks of being a virtual assistant are that you have a say in how your office and workflow is managed.  Our favorite perk is that you can wear your bunny slippers, be at home with your kids, and still put your best foot forward…so to speak!